About Ybor City Tattoo Company

After years of working for a difficult, at best, tattoo shop owner, all of the tattoo artists in the shop started comparing notes about the boss.  We realized that we all agreed that we loved tattooing, we loved working together, but, we all were unhappy working for a guy who brought nothing to the tattoo business.

So, we started planning to go off on our own.  All of us left together.  Jennifer Lynn, Esben Rey, Pat, and Uncle Buck.  It was and will always be the best move we have ever made professionally!

What makes Ybor City Tattoo Company different is our approach to building our business.  We don’t want to be like every other walk-in tattoo shop.  Because we work for ourselves, our goal is to help our customers in making the best tattoo decision possible.  That ensures that customers are happy with a great tattoo and that in turn, makes us happy.

In addition, our shop is a Tattoo Art Gallery.  We have an extensive collection of art and we will be hosting a minimum of 3 art shows a year.

We love the diversity and history in this spot of Tampa called Ybor City.  From the Cuban Club to the Gaybor District, the Italian Club to the Don Vincente Hotel, The Castle, Coyote Ugly, the Columbia to Mema’s…there are so many wonderful old buildings, great restaurants and bars that attract all walks of life.

Ybor City also hosts the Guavaween and Gasparilla annual parades, which draw huge crowds and makes for a great party!  Ybor City Tattoo Company is very proud to be part of such a great community.

We opened in 2010.  However, collectively, we have over 50 years of experience tattooing!  Uncle Buck and Jennifer Lynn have been tattooing for 15 years each.  Pat and Esbey Rey have each been tattooing 12 years each.

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